Thurloxton Pumpkin Patch

Open this October for a great day out

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

The Pumpkin Patch will be open again this year October 22nd -30th

Last year it was great fun hosting you and seeing all ages enter into the spirit of proper family fun. ( Despite a bit of mud at times.)

This year we have a carving barn, so somewhere warm and dry to carve the perfect pumpkin.


     Entry includes


PLEASE NOTE – When booking the time slots, this is the approximate time to arrive, not how long you have with us, you may spend as long as you wish here.

Pumpkin picking.

2 1/2 acres of pumpkins grown in the fields, everyone gets to choose their own 

Pumpkin Picker Tickets Include:

  • 1 Pumpkin
  • (wheelbarrows supplied free, for big pumpkins) 
  • Spooky walk……….scare yourself if you dare! 
  • Carving barn…………make a mess with us and we will put the pulp back on the fields. Carving tools supplied. 
  • Fun & games…….including the fabulous “Hit the Witch” giant apple catapult

 and lots of other games. 

Accompanying Ticket (per person):
To enter and join in the fun and games!
For parents etc.   No pumpkin included

Under 3`s free to enter.



Please see our FAQ section below, which you may find useful.

When do you open?

Pumpkin Patch: 2022 will be open October 22nd until 30th

What are the opening times for the Pumpkin Patch?

Entry from  10:00am to 4.00pm

Are dogs allowed?

No, only assistance dogs are allowed in the areas where we pick pumpkins, fruit & sunflowers and where youngsters play.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

We accept both debit and credit cards.

What should I wear?
We are a working farm and care should be taken on uneven surfaces. Please wear suitable footwear such as trainers or outdoor boots in dry conditions and wellington boots when it’s wet as the fields can be muddy. It is also advisable to wear gloves as the pumpkins are muddy and the stalks are prickly.
How does it work?

Show your prepaid ticket at the entry hut and take a (mildly) scary walk to the games.

Head to the pumpkin patch, if you borrow a wheelbarrow, please ensure you are careful as they can easily tip over.

P-P-P Pick up a pumpkin, one for everybody, choose the best one you can see.

Take you prize pumpkin to the carving barn, where you can leave the mess with us and take home to create a work of art.


Do you provide carrier bags?

It is advisable to bring strong carrier bags with you to accommodate heavier pumpkins . Reusable supermarket bags (‘bags for life’) or strong recycling bags are ideal. Bin liners, however, are not strong enough to carry many pumpkins.

Are there lots of pumpkins available?

Plenty, but you will need a “pumpkin picker” ticket for each pumpkin.

Do you allow photoshoots on the Pumpkin Patch?

You are welcome to take some photos if you are buying pumpkins, however, we do not allow official photographers for photoshoots when the Pumpkin Patch is open to the public.  The patch is unsuitable for photoshoots this year, as it looks rather weedy and untidy due to the poor spring growing conditions.

Can I carve my pumpkin at the farm?

Yes, we have a barn and tables set up for this,  tools provided, all included in ticket price, but adult supervision is required.


I am having a function/event - can you supply a large quantity of pumpkins?

No, we use them all for the event.

Can we walk anywhere on the crops?

No, for your health and safety please only stay in the areas you have been directed to for the Pumpkin Patch.

Do you have toilets?


Can I take a pram/wheelchair on the Pumpkin Patch?

We mulch the pumpkin patch, so the ground is cleaner and more pleasant to walk on. However, since the weather can be rainy in October, the ground may be muddy and therefore more challenging for pram or wheelchair users.

Please note:

Do not drop or throw the pumpkins as they may smash and will not be in a sellable condition.

Children under the age of 16 must always be supervised by an adult.

All rubbish must be removed from the farm.

We reserve the right to refuse entry and to remove people from the farm.
Thieves will be prosecuted.

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